• The exciting list of Cron oddities

    22 Mar 2018

    Here follows a list of reasons why maybe you should think about using a proper job scheduler whenever you touch an existing cron job, or create a new one:
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  • Cast the first stone

    05 Mar 2018

    • This is the story
    • Of Emma, the rock
    • Who had a talent for acting
    • That she couldn't unlock.

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  • Life lessons from a legendary samurai

    01 Dec 2017

    Miyamoto Musashi was a Japanese swordsman who was born in the late sixteenth century. He got very famous in his time for besting many opponents and has remained famous for having written a short book on his fighting stances and attacking techniques as well as his philosophy and outlook on life. Musashi comes across as someone whose honor and principles are of great importance, to the point that several times during the book you get the feeling that he’s reluctantly writing it, that in the back of his mind he’s still considering if any of it is worth being shared. Above that feeling of doubt, what he tries to avoid with great care is inducing us to trust the reading in detriment of trying things ourselves. He puts practice and research above all else.
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  • AWS EBS snapshots stuck at 0%

    19 Oct 2016

    A common action you have to do in while using AWS is an EBS (elastic block store) volume snapshot. If you don’t know what an EBS volume is, you can think of it as a networked disk that you can attach and detach from instances. AWS also makes it easy for you to snapshot them (back them up to S3), so you can restore them in the future.
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  • PixelsCamp, a hackathon is reborn

    11 Oct 2016

    Hackathon’s are pretty cool, but here in Portugal they’re also quite rare. For years we had Codebits, organized by the web dev arm of the biggest telecom provider in Portugal and it was sweet. Regretably though, 2014 was the last year it was organized. A €1B scandal and almost bankruptcy that forced the telecom provider to be sold to the highest bidder probably made sure Codebits would not return.
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