How to measure, improve and accomplish your goals

01 June 2018 Tagged: rants misc

Hear the world around you, it’s shouting in your face that you’re wasting your time if you’re not achieving your goals. What are your goals? Maybe it doesn’t ask you this question directly - it doesn’t have to - people will come out of the woodworks to tell you about their goals, what they’re working towards right now. Come up with some ideas about what you want to do, what you want to know, what you want to be. Choose a career, save for a purchase, accumulate days off for a trip, and always look towards what’s ahead. So what’s ahead? What are your goals? What’s next for you? What do you have going on? Are you going places?

Do you know how many people your age have done this and that? There’s teenagers with more accomplishments than you’ll achieve in a lifetime and they have goals, big goals, huge goals, you can hear all about them every day in their youtube channel - don’t forget to like and subscribe, and click the bell for notifications. Financial goals, relationship goals, professional goals, lots of goals. In between pictures of cute dogs you see those people from high school who just started a business, gotten married, kids on the way too. They got it figured out, why don’t you? What are your goals? What are you doing? Are you just wasting your time? 

Take a deep breath. You know what, you can’t complain, just look at the news, kids are still getting killed in Gaza, there’s places where you look up and you have no idea if it’s going to rain or if a drone strike is going to blow you to pieces - so who are you to complain? Just stay in the race, keep running and get some goals. You are your accomplishments, so start accomplishing. You need to be a creator, be an entrepreneur, be a pioneer, an innovator. Get up from your ass and move! Be the best modern world Renaissance (wo)man you can be, the trifecta of the semi-professional instagram photographer-crossfit athlete-nomad entrepreneur.

Are you making progress yet? Working on yourself? Improving? Keep moving!

Look at this fella, he’s got no goals. Hey - buddy, are you depressed?

Have you been meditating? Are you taking some time to be mindful? How mindful are you? Look at how mindful these people are - super mindful. Check this one, meditating every day for half an hour minimum - here take a look - facebook says they did 40 minutes today. How much did you do? What about your sleeping patterns - do you know you can track your sleep, look it can tell when you sleep poorly and how to improve, they’re already 20% better, what about you? Got to have goals - but wait a minute, don’t go to sleep, ask Alexa how many steps you’ve walked today - so you can deduce the calories from the total.

This is a rat race and you’re not going to win it, but you need to be running.

Maybe you get some goals and you start looking ahead. You’ll arrive ahead and you’ll look around and you’ll realise that the world is still telling you to look ahead. That whole path you just walked, that’s done. You’re here now and the world, it’ll keep telling you to keep moving, look for more, that your old goals, they’re no good, you got that already, so what’s next?

You’re not journaling about your day, you’re not ticking boxes in your to-do lists, hell, you can’t remember the last time you had a to-do list. You just want to be able listen to a podcast without feeling like you should be speeding it up. To read a fiction book that you’ve read before, instead of churning through summaries of business books, essays on how to be a manager - nay, a Leader, blog posts about how you to get better at networking.


And so you write an appeal to apathy, that most despicable mental state that the world shuns as fruitless, and you experience the bliss of not reading the news, of not having to have opinions, on enjoying simply walking the dog - of just being alive, no pressure.