Installing the internet

09 August 2012 Tagged: misc

Vaguely remembering when we first got internet access, I searched a little and found a package we got that day. I remembered an orange box, perhaps a little larger than a VHS (sshh, I’m going retro with the comparisons as well) with a spider on it.

I found a smaller orange box, with two floppy disks and a cool web logo. It looks like the floppies were actually just an installer for Internet Explorer 2.0. Yeah, two floppy disks to install a web browser. Oh and the box had a super duper secret account number (which was on another paper saying only the client could ever see it!) actually written on the outside. Since most people won’t ever get a box full of internet-powered floppy disks I thought I’d share them.


Internet Box

Internet Box

Internet Floppy Disk

PS: The box says “Internet exposure could have benign consequences” in portuguese. They sure knew how to make a joke. Heh.