Cast the first stone

This is the story
Of Emma, the rock
Who had a talent for acting
That she couldn’t unlock.

She was too hard-faced,
Gave lackluster renditions,
Her auditions were plagued
By feelings gone missing.

Yet she keeps being bold,
Always trying for a part
Half expecting to be told
To stop butchering this art.

This time they asked her for
Some more human emotion,
And she tried deep in her core
But they said she wasn’t chosen.

She felt so displaced
Like she had never before,
With a tear on her face
She ran for the door.

In the back of the room,
The third or fourth assistant
Noticed the immense gloom
That befelled her, in an instant.

He shouted in a roar
To the casting director,
“If we cast her we’ll score
more in the diversity sector!”

A revelation so abrupt
He decided to throw her a bone,
That’s how they ended up
Casting the first stone.